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Light-Cured Polymers

The Polymer Engineering Division of TRAPP Industries specializes in formulation and custom / private label production of UV-cured polymers. TRAPP Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of light cured coatings.

Our Product Line Includes:

TRAPP Industries Inc.

The beauty business is seeing much technology driven change as the nail industry begins sweeping scientific progress. It can now provide materials with unique advantages in the field of light-cured polymers: in the nail industry known as "UV GELS".

At TRAPP Industries Inc. we have many years of experience in the formulation and manufacturing of light cured resins ("UV GELS"). We have a wide range of products in our line and can also develop customized formulations based on your specific requirements. All our gels conform to EU cosmetic regulations.

We are working hard to stay abreast of science and provide quality and value. TRAPP Industries preserve the confidentiality of our bulk or private label customers: this is always of utmost importance to us. We respond quickly and are flexible to your needs.

TRAPP Industries is a producer of premium private label nail cosmetics.

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