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Light-Cured Polymers

The Polymer Engineering Division of TRAPP Industries specializes in formulation and custom / private label production of UV-cured polymers. TRAPP Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of light cured coatings.

Our Product Line Includes:

Our Products

BONDING GELS                
Bonding resin structured for adhesion between natural nail and clear building gel or self-leveling.  Does not contain methacrylic acid, and therefore is non-aggressive to natural nail.  Is not a primer but resembles the same effect.  UV Cured.

Building gels are the component used to strengthen and add shape to the nail using customized sculpting techniques to form a perfect nail.  UV Cured.

White building gels are used to extend free edge, with support of a nail form, (extensions) when sculpting a nail. Can also be used a tip or give the “French” look on a natural nail. UV Cured.

White Effects is not a building gel it is strictly a paint on gel product to create a French manicure look over top another gel.  White Effects has a viscosity of a nail polish, which is easy to apply.  UV Cured.

One Phase Gel is the gel which can help technicians speed up fills and overlays. This self-levelling UV cured resin is a salon choice in order to complete services in a fraction of the time. One Phase offers you 3-in-1; adhesive, strength and shine. Available in Clear and Translucent Pink.

Sealant is UV cured resin that finishes the nail surface and supplies a high gloss shine.  Available in a variety of different shades

Colour & Glitter Gels are more durable than regular polish they are not designed for building.  Will adhere to other acrylic and gel products.  Variety of different colours to choose from. UV and LED Cured.

UV and LED compatible. Applies like a polish, lasts twice as long (14 days) and double the durability.  No chipping, smudging, yellowing or rippling.  Variety of colours to choose from

Promotes healing and soothing of dry, cracked or stressed skin.  Recommended for fungus treatment and prevention.  Natural oil and plant extracts oils from Sunflower, Grape Seed, Jojoba and Vitamin E along with essential oils of Bergamot, Black Pepper, Roman Chamomile, Eucalyptus and Lavender. 

100% UVA light with 4-9watt bulbs. No harmful UVB/UVC rays.  The inside of the light is mirrored film in order for a complete reflection of rays.  An automatic 2 min. timer or continuous time is included

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